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4 Things The Walking Dead’s Season 5 Needs to Work On


The Walking Dead’s fifth season is shaping up to be its best season yet—but that doesn’t mean the season is far from perfect. While the fifth season has made many improvements on the earlier seasons, especially in its decision to showcase Beth and give her more to do, there are several things that the writers could improve upon in season 5.

Slow down on the storylines
The writers obviously want to avoid a repeat of season 4, which dragged out the story of the Governor for far too long. However, by trying to avoid this, they have gone in the opposite direction and spent too little time on the characters and storylines. The Terminus storyline, for example, essentially only lasted three episodes: the finale of season 4 where the group was kidnapped, the opening of season 5 when the group was saved, and the episode where they were killed while assaulting the church.

While there were a handful of moments where the Terminus characters and their motivations were given some type of development, such as the mention of how Terminus was actually a sanctuary before the group were brutally assaulted for weeks, not enough time was spent on building the Terminus storyline to a fruitful conclusion.

Stop adding obvious throwaway characters
It’s normal for a show like The Walking Dead to have plenty of supporting characters, and it’s usually the supporting characters that end up dying while the fan-favorites live—at least for a little while longer. But The Walking Dead has introduced so many different throwaway characters that it becomes obvious who lives and who dies, and their deaths are rendered meaningless because they are essentially a waste of character space. The show needs to hone down its cast and develop everyone—regardless of how likely or unlikely it is that they will be walker bait.

Let the group get back together
The split timeline worked for season 4. But now it’s time to get the group back together again. The constantly switching between different character’s stories in every episode is tiresome at this point, and it would be best for the show’s storyline to have everyone together again. Hopefully, with Abraham’s group now realizing that Eugene is a fraud and Daryl and Carol looking for the kidnapped Beth, this reunion will happen sooner rather than later.

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