Comcast XFINITY TV is the New Standard in Home Television Entertainment

Imagine having thousands of entertainment options at your fingertips every minute of the day. That’s exactly what you get with Comcast XFINITY TV. There are hundreds of channels of programming available; including network, cable, and local stations, premium movie and sports channels, and thousands of On Demand titles.

Traditional cable just can’t live up to the new standard in home TV service. Comcast XFINITY is pushing that standard to new levels every day. Incredible variety and features like an intuitive onscreen guide, Digital Video Recorder, HD and 3D content, and integrated online management tools put Comcast XFINITY TV light years ahead of old-fashioned cable providers.

Comcast XFINITY Internet—the Fastest Connection in the Country

Quality high speed internet service should be about more than just being able to get online. Any Internet Service Provider can connect you to the internet, but only one gives you all of the tools and features you need to be safer and more productive. Comcast XFINITY Internet is the award winning service that gives you more speed, features, and security than any other provider.

Comcast XFINITY Internet is the fastest internet service in the country. It gives you the speed you need for your favorite games, streaming movies, downloading work files, or anything else you want to do online.

You also get a host of productivity tools like email addresses, a centralized address book for all of your contacts, and mobile applications to let you access everything from your mobile device. And ample online storage gives you space to send large files or store backups of important documents. When combined with other XFINITY services, you can use Comcast XFINITY Internet to listen to your voicemail and set your DVR.

Constant Guard is the incredible software package that comes with Comcast XFINITY Internet. You get cutting edge virus protection, firewall software, and integrated parental controls to help protect your family. All of the software is easy to use, updates automatically, and runs in the background—once it’s installed, the software protects you 24/7 without any further input.

Comcast XFINITY Voice has Unlimited Calling

When you call friends and family, you don’t want to have to count minutes or wait for nights or weekends. With XFINITY Voice, you can get unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada for one low rate. Unlimited really does mean unlimited—call whenever you want and talk for as long as you like. There are no hidden fees or long distance charges, and you can call at night, on the weekends, in the afternoon or morning—whenever you want.

Comcast XFINITY Double and Triple Play

XFINITY bundles make it easy for you to combine services into a fully integrated home entertainment package. All of the services are great by themselves but, once you put them all together, you get to enjoy a cross-platform entertainment experience that combines all the best features that Comcast has to offer.

You already know about the great XFINITY TV service. With thousands of regular and On Demand titles, you’ll always have something to watch on television. But, what if you’re away from your TV? That’s not a problem when you combine XFINITY TV with XFINITY Internet. You can watch XFINITY TV programming and On Demand titles on your computer or mobile device. Enjoy your regular XFINITY service while traveling for work or leisure.

XFINTY Internet works with your XFINITY TV service to give you more flexibility and control. Schedule reminders and set DVR recordings from a computer, smartphone, and other web-enabled devices. Download apps to your mobile device that let you watch great XFINITY content when you’re away from your TV. Home entertainment keeps getting better and better.

XFINITY Voice works perfectly with your XFINITY Internet and TV services. The high speed internet connection handles all of your calls perfectly and the integrated features give you access to cool options like Onscreen Caller ID. When somebody calls your XFINITY Voice phone, their Caller ID information will be displayed right on your TV or computer screen. And, if you add XFINITY Voice to any XFINITY bundle, you get unlimited nationwide calling.

All three services work together to bring you more convenience features and options than they can offer separately. As an added bonus, you get huge savings off the regular prices when you combine the services into a Double- or Triple-play package. Comcast XFINITY really does give you more for less—and the more you add, the less you’ll pay.