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Jurassic Park Fans Gearing Up for Jurassic World

Arguably one of the most successful science-fiction movies, Jurassic Park has earned itself a long-lasting fan base, and it’s been made clear on social media that both new and old viewers from around the world are preparing for the exciting release of Jurassic World next month.


June, 2015 will see the newest release of what is expected to be a great Jurassic Park sequel. Among the cast is Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy and Bryce Dallas Howard from The Help and Spiderman 3. Plus, fans of the original movie will get to see an original cast member make an appearance! While it’s probably not who you’d expect, Dr. Henry Wu (played by BD Wong) will be joining the newest cast.

When rumors first surfaced that an original Jurassic Park actor would be finding their way into the newest film, fans immediately started guessing who it could be. When creator Colin Trevorrow announced it would be Wong, fans were taken aback. Colin went on to explain that he didn’t want to keep throwing the same cast into an unfortunate predicament. He said Jurassic World is something much different and he thought the original cast would feel out of place. Colin added he has a lot of sentimental value invested into the franchise and wants to keep the legacy fresh and alive.

Colin added that he would include the original members if there was a suitable place for them in the story. He stated the reason he chose Wong is because Dr. Henry Wu’s storyline fits into the newest movie perfectly.

Alongside Colin’s devotion to the film, fans have been showing theirs. Even though the majority have been expressing their excitement for the movie’s premiere, some have been downing the upcoming film for a few reasons.

Jurassic World’s critical comments have mostly sprouted from the Mercedes-Benz and CGI efforts. While fans have shown great support for the movie’s cast, the trailers make clear that the $150+ million budget didn’t go into CGI (Computer-Generated Effects). Fans and critics alike have been expressing their disappointment about the poorly executed dinosaurs, but that’s not the only think causing the dinos to get heat.

Scientists have been getting on the film’s writers for making “unrealistic” dinos. Many scientists and paleontologists have expressed their dismay about the new design of the dinosaurs genetically and physically, saying it simply wouldn’t be possible. All of the hate from the science world has led factual science-fiction lovers to dub the newest film a “dumb monster movie.”

But, even with the negativity caused by the dinosaurs, the movie’s trailer is showing a promising plot and good acting. Thankfully for the writers, even the fans who have voiced their dislike of the movie’s effects say they will still give the movie a chance, with many adding their excitement to see the stars in the film.

Along with the controversy the dinosaurs have sparked, there’s one more thing fans have called the movie out on, but to a much lesser extent. Advertisements for Jurassic World revealed the obvious Mercedes-Benz product placement. In fact, Mercedes is using the film to reveal their newest car model. While it may have seemed like a good idea at first, fans have expressed their feelings about it, with many pointing out that a Mercedes probably wouldn’t be the first choice if you’re off-roading and running from dinosaurs.

The movie has powered through the controversy and media attention is quickly gaining momentum as fans gear up for the release. If anything, the negative comments have made one thing clear: fans are loyal to the franchise, and even those getting in on the insults plan to give it a chance in theaters next month.

The writers, stars, and creator have kept details of the movie under tight wraps, but the trailers have revealed some parts of what seems to be a film with a strong plot and great cast.

Even though some fans are hesitant after seeing some of the trailer’s effects, fans and critics predict an incredibly successful opening weekend. And, to build anticipation, Jurassic World: The Game has already been released and has so far been well-received by fans.

Jurassic World is already proving itself in the movie industry, and buzz is building by the minute as fans gear up for its release next month. In the meantime, fans are continuing to share their likes and hesitations about the film, and it seems everyone so far has complimented the casting call.

Critics and fans alike expect a strong opening day on June 12th, 2015. Updated January 8, 2017. You can now watch most of the Jurassic Park movies on several of these movie streaming services.