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Will Ryan Seacrest Join the Today Show?

The hunt has long been on for potential replacements for Matt Lauer, but could Ryan Seacrest be one of the few celebrities being seriously considered for the “sometime in the future” gig?

Some viewers might be surprised to learn that Ryan Seacrest has a background in broadcasting, journalism and yes—television.

seacrest When Seacrest was still in high school, he was a regular and popular fixture on the morning announcements; his love of broadcasting led him to work at a local radio station throughout high school, which helped him to gain experience in the radio business. After high school, he studied journalism at the University of Georgia. From 1993 to 2002, he had a series of smaller time gigs on television, including a small acting role on Beverly Hills 90210 (he played, of course, a game show host); as well as a being cast as the host of NBC’ Saturday morning TV block in 2000 to 2001. In 2001, he was cast as the host of a reality TV show called Ultimate Revenge, which involved pitted family member against family member with elaborate pranks and jokes.

Although he was no stranger to talk radio and even television before American Idol, the show was most definitely his big break into the world of mainstream, popular culture television and entertainment broadcasting. Millions of viewers across countless countries tuned in to hear his crystal clear voice and enjoy his witty interactions with the American Idol contestants and, of course, the judges. He has hosted the show since its first season, and in 2012 he signed another 2-year contract with Fox to the tune of $30 million dollars.

But Seacrest not only has a history in broadcasting–he hopes to have a future in it, too. IN a recent interview with Brian Stelter, he remarked that he thinks live broadcasting has “evolved … the style of show that I watched when I was a kid … is a little bit different than it is now.” Seacrest has sometimes remarked that he prefers to work in a live environment, where the energy is different than it would be in a taping, where retakes and rewrites are often the name of the game.

But will Ryan Seacrest be joining the Today Show when Matt Lauer leaves? NBC has given no official word on the matter, but Seacrest reports that he hopes that “the door is open.”