Jurassic Park Fans Gearing Up for Jurassic World

Arguably one of the most successful science-fiction movies, Jurassic Park has earned itself a long-lasting fan base, and it’s been made clear on social media that both new and old viewers from around the world are preparing for the exciting release of Jurassic World next month.


June, 2015 will see the newest release of what is expected to be a great Jurassic Park sequel. Among the cast is Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy and Bryce Dallas Howard from The Help and Spiderman 3. Plus, fans of the original movie will get to see an original cast member make an appearance! While it’s probably not who you’d expect, Dr. Henry Wu (played by BD Wong) will be joining the newest cast.

When rumors first surfaced that an original Jurassic Park actor would be finding their way into the newest film, fans immediately started guessing who it could be. When creator Colin Trevorrow announced it would be Wong, fans were taken aback. Colin went on to explain that he didn’t want to keep throwing the same cast into an unfortunate predicament. He said Jurassic World is something much different and he thought the original cast would feel out of place. Colin added he has a lot of sentimental value invested into the franchise and wants to keep the legacy fresh and alive.

Colin added that he would include the original members if there was a suitable place for them in the story. He stated the reason he chose Wong is because Dr. Henry Wu’s storyline fits into the newest movie perfectly.

Alongside Colin’s devotion to the film, fans have been showing theirs. Even though the majority have been expressing their excitement for the movie’s premiere, some have been downing the upcoming film for a few reasons.

Jurassic World’s critical comments have mostly sprouted from the Mercedes-Benz and CGI efforts. While fans have shown great support for the movie’s cast, the trailers make clear that the $150+ million budget didn’t go into CGI (Computer-Generated Effects). Fans and critics alike have been expressing their disappointment about the poorly executed dinosaurs, but that’s not the only think causing the dinos to get heat.

Scientists have been getting on the film’s writers for making “unrealistic” dinos. Many scientists and paleontologists have expressed their dismay about the new design of the dinosaurs genetically and physically, saying it simply wouldn’t be possible. All of the hate from the science world has led factual science-fiction lovers to dub the newest film a “dumb monster movie.”

But, even with the negativity caused by the dinosaurs, the movie’s trailer is showing a promising plot and good acting. Thankfully for the writers, even the fans who have voiced their dislike of the movie’s effects say they will still give the movie a chance, with many adding their excitement to see the stars in the film.

Along with the controversy the dinosaurs have sparked, there’s one more thing fans have called the movie out on, but to a much lesser extent. Advertisements for Jurassic World revealed the obvious Mercedes-Benz product placement. In fact, Mercedes is using the film to reveal their newest car model. While it may have seemed like a good idea at first, fans have expressed their feelings about it, with many pointing out that a Mercedes probably wouldn’t be the first choice if you’re off-roading and running from dinosaurs.

The movie has powered through the controversy and media attention is quickly gaining momentum as fans gear up for the release. If anything, the negative comments have made one thing clear: fans are loyal to the franchise, and even those getting in on the insults plan to give it a chance in theaters next month.

The writers, stars, and creator have kept details of the movie under tight wraps, but the trailers have revealed some parts of what seems to be a film with a strong plot and great cast.

Even though some fans are hesitant after seeing some of the trailer’s effects, fans and critics predict an incredibly successful opening weekend. And, to build anticipation, Jurassic World: The Game has already been released and has so far been well-received by fans.

Jurassic World is already proving itself in the movie industry, and buzz is building by the minute as fans gear up for its release next month. In the meantime, fans are continuing to share their likes and hesitations about the film, and it seems everyone so far has complimented the casting call.

Critics and fans alike expect a strong opening day on June 12th, 2015. Updated January 8, 2017. You can now watch most of the Jurassic Park movies on several of these movie streaming services.

4 Things The Walking Dead’s Season 5 Needs to Work On


The Walking Dead’s fifth season is shaping up to be its best season yet—but that doesn’t mean the season is far from perfect. While the fifth season has made many improvements on the earlier seasons, especially in its decision to showcase Beth and give her more to do, there are several things that the writers could improve upon in season 5.

Slow down on the storylines
The writers obviously want to avoid a repeat of season 4, which dragged out the story of the Governor for far too long. However, by trying to avoid this, they have gone in the opposite direction and spent too little time on the characters and storylines. The Terminus storyline, for example, essentially only lasted three episodes: the finale of season 4 where the group was kidnapped, the opening of season 5 when the group was saved, and the episode where they were killed while assaulting the church.

While there were a handful of moments where the Terminus characters and their motivations were given some type of development, such as the mention of how Terminus was actually a sanctuary before the group were brutally assaulted for weeks, not enough time was spent on building the Terminus storyline to a fruitful conclusion.

Stop adding obvious throwaway characters
It’s normal for a show like The Walking Dead to have plenty of supporting characters, and it’s usually the supporting characters that end up dying while the fan-favorites live—at least for a little while longer. But The Walking Dead has introduced so many different throwaway characters that it becomes obvious who lives and who dies, and their deaths are rendered meaningless because they are essentially a waste of character space. The show needs to hone down its cast and develop everyone—regardless of how likely or unlikely it is that they will be walker bait.

Let the group get back together
The split timeline worked for season 4. But now it’s time to get the group back together again. The constantly switching between different character’s stories in every episode is tiresome at this point, and it would be best for the show’s storyline to have everyone together again. Hopefully, with Abraham’s group now realizing that Eugene is a fraud and Daryl and Carol looking for the kidnapped Beth, this reunion will happen sooner rather than later.

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Will Ryan Seacrest Join the Today Show?

The hunt has long been on for potential replacements for Matt Lauer, but could Ryan Seacrest be one of the few celebrities being seriously considered for the “sometime in the future” gig?

Some viewers might be surprised to learn that Ryan Seacrest has a background in broadcasting, journalism and yes—television.

seacrest When Seacrest was still in high school, he was a regular and popular fixture on the morning announcements; his love of broadcasting led him to work at a local radio station throughout high school, which helped him to gain experience in the radio business. After high school, he studied journalism at the University of Georgia. From 1993 to 2002, he had a series of smaller time gigs on television, including a small acting role on Beverly Hills 90210 (he played, of course, a game show host); as well as a being cast as the host of NBC’ Saturday morning TV block in 2000 to 2001. In 2001, he was cast as the host of a reality TV show called Ultimate Revenge, which involved pitted family member against family member with elaborate pranks and jokes.

Although he was no stranger to talk radio and even television before American Idol, the show was most definitely his big break into the world of mainstream, popular culture television and entertainment broadcasting. Millions of viewers across countless countries tuned in to hear his crystal clear voice and enjoy his witty interactions with the American Idol contestants and, of course, the judges. He has hosted the show since its first season, and in 2012 he signed another 2-year contract with Fox to the tune of $30 million dollars.

But Seacrest not only has a history in broadcasting–he hopes to have a future in it, too. IN a recent interview with Brian Stelter, he remarked that he thinks live broadcasting has “evolved … the style of show that I watched when I was a kid … is a little bit different than it is now.” Seacrest has sometimes remarked that he prefers to work in a live environment, where the energy is different than it would be in a taping, where retakes and rewrites are often the name of the game.

But will Ryan Seacrest be joining the Today Show when Matt Lauer leaves? NBC has given no official word on the matter, but Seacrest reports that he hopes that “the door is open.”

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The benefit of having the phone line apart of the bundle is you also get a few other phone features that go along with TV and Internet.  Caller ID is available on the TV by showing you who’s calling you on your TV screen and also receiving voicemail notifications on your TV screen. Also you can check your caller history online or your television.  Another feature is the click to call; by using your remote control you can return a phone call on your TV screen.


The AT&T U-verse bundle is full of fun and convenient features and offers! Why not kill three birds with one stone!

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Comcast XFINITY Internet is the fastest internet service in the country. It gives you the speed you need for your favorite games, streaming movies, downloading work files, or anything else you want to do online.

You also get a host of productivity tools like email addresses, a centralized address book for all of your contacts, and mobile applications to let you access everything from your mobile device. And ample online storage gives you space to send large files or store backups of important documents. When combined with other XFINITY services, you can use Comcast XFINITY Internet to listen to your voicemail and set your DVR.

Constant Guard is the incredible software package that comes with Comcast XFINITY Internet. You get cutting edge virus protection, firewall software, and integrated parental controls to help protect your family. All of the software is easy to use, updates automatically, and runs in the background—once it’s installed, the software protects you 24/7 without any further input.

Comcast XFINITY Voice has Unlimited Calling

When you call friends and family, you don’t want to have to count minutes or wait for nights or weekends. With XFINITY Voice, you can get unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada for one low rate. Unlimited really does mean unlimited—call whenever you want and talk for as long as you like. There are no hidden fees or long distance charges, and you can call at night, on the weekends, in the afternoon or morning—whenever you want.

Comcast XFINITY Double and Triple Play

XFINITY bundles make it easy for you to combine services into a fully integrated home entertainment package. All of the services are great by themselves but, once you put them all together, you get to enjoy a cross-platform entertainment experience that combines all the best features that Comcast has to offer.

You already know about the great XFINITY TV service. With thousands of regular and On Demand titles, you’ll always have something to watch on television. But, what if you’re away from your TV? That’s not a problem when you combine XFINITY TV with XFINITY Internet. You can watch XFINITY TV programming and On Demand titles on your computer or mobile device. Enjoy your regular XFINITY service while traveling for work or leisure.

XFINTY Internet works with your XFINITY TV service to give you more flexibility and control. Schedule reminders and set DVR recordings from a computer, smartphone, and other web-enabled devices. Download apps to your mobile device that let you watch great XFINITY content when you’re away from your TV. Home entertainment keeps getting better and better.

XFINITY Voice works perfectly with your XFINITY Internet and TV services. The high speed internet connection handles all of your calls perfectly and the integrated features give you access to cool options like Onscreen Caller ID. When somebody calls your XFINITY Voice phone, their Caller ID information will be displayed right on your TV or computer screen. And, if you add XFINITY Voice to any XFINITY bundle, you get unlimited nationwide calling.

All three services work together to bring you more convenience features and options than they can offer separately. As an added bonus, you get huge savings off the regular prices when you combine the services into a Double- or Triple-play package. Comcast XFINITY really does give you more for less—and the more you add, the less you’ll pay.

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You could spend a lot of time, effort, and money searching for the perfect variety of television entertainment services for your family. Or you can save yourself a lot of hassle and get all of the services you want in a high quality, affordable package from Comcast Cable. With the variety of programming, features, and packages they offer, Comcast Cable TV lets you create the perfect balance of variety and value for your home and budget. And all of their television services have the same great quality that has made Comcast Cable TV the largest cable television provider in the country.

If you have sports fans in your home, Comcast XFINITY has an incredible amount of coverage to keep them happy. Their standard packages include local, network, and cable channels that cover a wide array of sporting events. If you want more in-depth coverage, or want more coverage of specific teams or sports, you can add affordable sports packages that bring you every game and off-the-field coverage.

The movie buffs in your home will love the amount of movie programming available. Standard packages bring you tons of broadcast and made for TV movies for no additional charge. The On Demand network gives you instant access to thousands of hit movie titles, as well as popular shows and special events. Comcast Cable TV also offers premium movie channels and packages that bring you classic favorites, new hits, and award-winning original programs.

You might be worried that all of this variety could get overwhelming. What good is it to pay for a ton of shows if you can’t make the time to watch the ones you want? Comcast Cable TV makes it so easy to keep up with all of your entertainment options that you never have to worry about missing a minute of the action.

The offer an integrated Digital Video Recorder that’s able to record dozens of hours of shows—even in High Definition. The Onscreen Guide lets you browse upcoming shows and schedule recordings with just a few simple button presses. You can record one show while watching another, and record multiple shows simultaneously. It really is the easiest way to make sure you get to watch all the great shows that you’re paying for.

Comcast High Speed Internet is Built for Today’s Web

The World Wide Web is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day, new content is added and the applications available become more complex. Even simple online tasks are requiring faster and faster connections to be able to keep up. Comcast High Speed Internet offers award winning speed, making sure you have the speed you need to enjoy the best content the internet has to offer.

Your entire family will enjoy being able to jump on the internet and enjoy streaming movies, online gaming, fast download times, and pages that load instantly. If you work from home or have school-age children, you’ll love being able to access the latest productivity and education applications. You’ll have the speed to videoconference with co-workers, or watch online tutorials to help with homework.

To make sure you can surf with peace of mind, Comcast High Speed Internet Includes a robust security suite. The firewall and antivirus protect your computer and personal files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The parental controls make it easy to keep your kids away from inappropriate content. The software runs and updates automatically, so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy your time online.

Comcast Digital Phone Brings Telephone Technology into the 21st Century

Old fashioned telephones are essentially speakers with hundreds of miles of wire between them. It takes a lot of boosters to transmit your call, and quality is lost every inch of the way. Comcast Digital Phone uses cutting edge technology to compress your call into a digital signal, transmit it over their advanced network, and decompress it. In the end, you calls have the same great digital clarity as when they left your handset.

Along with incredibly clear calls, you also get more than a dozen advanced calling features like online feature management and selective call forwarding.

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This great feature offers your home over 10,000 movies and TV shows every month. You can even catch sports on Free On Demand! Many programs are available in HD as well. Parental Controls keep the kids of the home from exposure of adult rated content on TV. Parents can limit what their children watch through this feature, even when they are not at home.

Everyone needs high speed Internet in the twenty first century. Time Warner Cable Internet is the fastest Internet service available. You will be blown away by what this service can do for you. Whether you are working or playing, downloading music, photos, files, or simply surfing the web, you definitely need a dashing and swift Internet connection. Time Warner Cable Internet delivers speeds of up to 7 Mbps, plus exclusive PowerBoost to give you a little extra kick.

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This provides you with on/off parental controls, firewall, anti-virus protection, and more. Other great features include CNN NewsPass where you can watch up to 30 new videos every day on the Net’s most extensive video news resource. Other fantastic features include, but are not limited to, Nascar Trackpass, Audible, and Rhapsody RadioPLUS.

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